Winds of Change


I first felt it in the early spring of this year. It was during one of my solitary walks and truthfully, I didn’t take kindly to the intrusion. Perhaps my resentment was the reason behind my choice to ignore what the brisk breeze whispered, but now I regret not listening more carefully to the wind. I left it no alternative but to slap me painfully across the face and scream “WAKE UP!” and now I’m left to deal with the consequences of denial on my own. I guess the atmosphere gave up and abandoned me, as I refused to hear that it was time for my boys to begin a new phase in their lives, one which would bring more independence, one which would strengthen them and be the beginning of their metamorphosis. One which would, eventually, make them men. These are good things, great things, but I can’t help but feel that in turn, the winds of change will steal them away and leave me hollow as a reed whose seeds have left to take root elsewhere.
Spring has long since ended, and just as the vines of honeysuckle blossom and mature, so are my darling boys. It’s silly really, to think I could hold them back, or to even want to, but I’m concerned that when the forceful autumn gusts arrive to blow away the last hints of summer life, the little boy hearts inside my children will decide to go with them. I must remind myself that this is how it should be, I must not mourn the loss but rather rejoice in the new. It’s wonderful, a miracle that I am blessed to bare witness!
Or so the wind tells me.
My children are growing up and no matter how hard I cling to the wonder of their childhood, a hurricane gale will one day rip it from my grasp and nothing will ever be the same.
Since the wind is so insistent these days, I feel I deserve a few requests of my own be heard. And so tonight, after the heat of the day, when all has gone still, I will tread softly on a blanket of grass and turn my palms up to the stars. I will wait for the humid breath of midsummer to dance across my lips and when it floats past and up to the heavens, with it will go my prayer:
Winds of Change, as you help my children in their journey please offer some resistance. Please push against them if they get going too fast to notice the magic of life around them. Push them together too, teach them to rely on each other and draw strength from brotherhood.  Please pick them up when they stumble off track and help them to move forward. Please flow through them, around them, and with them and allow them access to your wisdom and strength as you have allowed me. Protect them. Help them to really taste, smell, see, hear and above all, feel. Send love their way. Remind them to be good to all living things. When they beseech you in gardens of their own, let them feel happiness, family and peace. And every once in awhile, when they’ve been gone too long or have ventured too far, whisper softly to their souls to come home. To me.